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[IDV #TDB-365662]: IDV 2.7 and WRF Model Output

Hi Bill-

> Is anyone else noticing problems with IDV 2.7 not being able to crack open 
> WRF files?  When I try to bring in WRF model output for 2.7, it tells me that 
> there is no gridded data in the file even when I explicitly ask (no "Feeling 
> Lucky") for Grid Files (netCDF/Grib, etc)

Ah, where to begin. ;-)

There was a last minute change made to the netCDF-Java library that affected 
the ability to read the WRF output netcdf files.  Unfortunately, this change 
was not picked up in our tests, so you are correct, there are problems reading 
WRF netcdf files in IDV 2.7.  That problem has since been corrected and will be 
in the next release.

Jeff's problem of trying to ncdump the sample file you sent was that he was 
using an older version of ncdump which doesn't support the 64-bit netCDF files.

So, you have been doing everything correctly; we're the ones with the problems.

Now for solutions:

- I put a bugfix out as a plugin for version 2.7.  Open the Plugin Manager 
(Tools->Plugin Manager menu) and expand the Bug Fixes category.  Install the 
"WRF-ARW fix for IDV 2.7" plugin by clicking the plus (+) icon.  Restart the 
IDV and you should be able to load in the sample file you sent.  You'll also 
see in the Files chooser a new entry in the Data Source Type called "WRF ARW 
netcdf files".  Basically, the I'm Feeling Lucky option will look for files 
named wrfout_d01_.*, so if you name your files differently, then use the Data 
Source Type to set it correctly.

- Alternatively, download the nightly build which has the fix in it (and 
hopefully no new bugs). If you do that, you can remove the plugin if you 
install it.

Let us know if that doesn't work for you.

Don Murray

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