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[IDV #MWA-363139]: Layout Model Editor

Hi Donna-

> OK, things are looking much better.  I do not know how this happened as I 
> thought I had gotten the present weather symbol by just clicking select 
> Present Weather.  It is helpful to know how to use the edit > Symbol.

Glad this is working.

> I have one beef.  The altimeter setting plots in millibars.  I set it to 
> default units since there is no inches of mercury unit.  The default unit for 
> altimeter setting should be inches of mercury - at least in the US.  I think 
> you should at least give inches of mercury as an option since that is what is 
> used in the US.

It's a function of the way the data is decoded.  For the ADDE data, the
value is converted to millibars when decoded, so that's how it gets
stored/displayed.  Since you can't physically convert units of millibars 
to inches of mercury we don't list that as an option.  There is an
empirical conversion, but you cannot do unit math to make the physical
conversion.  When we get the GEMPAK surface data reading done, you can use 
ALTI as a parameter and display it in inches (but not in millibars).

Don Murray

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