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[LDM #MAM-895427]: LDM stream not responding

Hi Bill,

> Since this morning, our UNIDATA LDM feed has not been receiving anything.
> Is there a problem with the larger system?

No, data is flowing without problems from top level IDD relays.

From the real-time statistics that your machine is reporting,
it looks like you stopped receiving data in the 16UTC hour.
This can be seen from:

Unidata HomePage

  Data -> IDD Operational Status

    Statistics by Host

     squall.ias.sdsmt.edu [6.6.5]

Look at the 'volume' link for any feed type, and you will see when
squall stopped receiving data.  For instance:


The 'topology' link in the same page that lists all feed types being received
shows who squall is REQUESTing data from.  For instance:

Topology for IDS|DDPLUS to squall.ias.sdsmt.edu

Examining the IDS|DDPLUS 'volume link for chinook.unl.edu shows that it
is still receiving data:


This indicates that the problem is one of the following:

- your network connection to UNL is broken

  Test this by running 'traceroute chinook.unl.edu'.

- your LDM is unexpectedly wedged

  You can verify that this is not the cause of the problem by restarting
  your LDM:

  <as 'ldm'>
  ldmadmin restart

- if neither of the above is problematic, then it could be that the
  reverse DNS (IP -> name) for squall is not working AND that the
  ALLOW in-place on chinook.unl.edu for SDSMT is by name

  Test this using the LDM 'notifyme' utility:

  <as 'ldm' on squall>
  notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h chinook.unl.edu

- the LDM connection from chinook.unl.edu to squall is stale/wedged/not
  sending data

  This may be cleared by your restarting your LDM, OR it may be necessary
  for the UNL LDM administrator to restart the LDM on chinook.

  The IDD Site Contact list page:


  shows that the LDM/IDD site contact for UNL is:

  Clint Rowe
  address@hidden  (this may, in fact, be address@hidden)

Please run through the suggested tests above and let us know where things


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