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[LDM #IMU-147472]: Thinking about setting up LDM

Hi Shawn,

> My name is Shawn Honomichl.  I work over at the NCAR Atmospheric
> Chemistry Division.  I am looking into ways to bring real time data into
> one of our servers to use for things such as field campaigns, and
> thought that the LDM might be a good way to do this.  I'm not too
> familiar with the LDM yet but am wondering about obtaining the
> data-feeds...  Is it just a matter of emailing
> address@hidden with the feeds that I would like?

Yes, exactly.

> I was
> also kind of wondering if it's common for the NCAR divisions to go this
> route and if anyone else is getting their realtime data this way (such
> as EOL).  Thanks!

Yes, other divisions do use the LDM to do the sorts of things that you
covered above.  RAL, in particular, uses the LDM extensively to support
their projects.  You can get a quick view of the folks using the LDM
and reporting real-time statistics about their use of the LDM back to
us in:

Unidata HomePage

  Projects -> Internet Data Distribution

    IDD Current Operational Status

      Statistics by Host


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