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[IDD #ZSJ-835116]: missing gfs grids on NGRID

Hi Gilbert,

re: my comment regarding the possible need to update GEMPAK tables
> Huh? I have a null pqact on noaaport.admin.niu.edu, so how can this be a
> GEMPAK error? Yo no comprende.

Chiz used GEMPAK code in the NOAAPort package to crack the GRIB/GRIB2 messages
being received in the broadcast.  The information gathered is used to create
the product ID for each GRIB message as it is inserted into the LDM queue
for distribution in the IDD.  If the GEMPAK tables included in the 
distribution do not contain entries needed for the Wave Watch III fields, then
the tables need to be updated.

I have to determine if this is the reason that we are not seeing the WW3 grids
even though their broadcast was supposed to start on April 29.


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