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20030611: IDD model data (cont.)

>From: "Karen Cooper" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CIMMS at NSSL
>Keywords: 200306101450.h5AEorLd025759 IDD LDM-6

Hi Karen,

>Thanks so much for getting this set up, and so quickly!

No worries.

>Sorry for the 
>delayed response, I had to get our firewall administrator to open up the 
>firewall for LDM data from emo, and we didn't get it tested until this 
>morning, but it is working now.


>I have LDM 6.0.10 installed on dontpanic, I hope that's okay.

Since you are in the mode of getting a new machine working, I
recommend that you use the latest version of the LDM-6 that we
make available, LDM-6.0.13.

>putting that version on most of my LDM data gathering machines for 
>nexadII (CRAFT) data.

If none of these machines are running IRIX or HP-UX, I would _strongly_
encourage you to use LDM-6.0.13.  Thanks in advance...