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Re: update

HI Mike, 

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On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Mike Voss wrote:

> Jeff,
> Just keeping you updated on my troubleshooting efforts:
> - I increased the pq to 1.5GB. Should it take 5 minutes for the machine to 
> create a pq that big?

Yes, this is about standard, there is a -f flag on mkqueue that stands for
"fast" and if you know you have the space available, it will speed up the
queue make process dramatically...

> - I tried failing over to sunny89. Data did flow, although also
> slowly. I moved back to aeolus to keep things consistent.

ok, sounds good..
> I'm open to suggestions on how I might reduce my requests. But, at the
> same time I'm happy getting most everything and becoming a relay node.

I am jumping on rossby now, lets see what we can find..

I'll keep you updated!

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