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20010919: UPRM and Internet2

>From:  Unidata Mcidas Account <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Puerto Rico
>Keywords:  200109192023.f8JKN5122362 LDM Internet-2


>   I finally found out for sure what was going on with the local network.
>We were connected to the internet at OC-3 speed, but it's because they
>were testing it for internet2 use.  Out of that OC-3, we're only getting
>now 4Mbits.

Too bad.  I would be great if you had full OC-3 (155 Mbps) you would be

>That obviously is not enough for our purposes so we're
>exploring other options again.  Our first option is Internet2.  I'm really
>not sure if it's working here or when it will be.  But before knowing, I'd
>like to know if the data we're receiving now could be received via

I am pretty sure that the answer is yes.  After looking at the
Internet2 web site, www.internet2.edu, it seems that I2 is well
connected to the commodity internet.  Also, it seems like nearly all of
the universities that you would access for data feeds are already on
I2.  In particular, the University of Puerto Rico is already on I2
(although apparently not your campus).  Given this, your connection to
the full range of Unidata participants should be assured.  You should,
of course, directly ask the I2 representative(s) that would connect you
if there would be any way that your connection would be be limited in
any way.

>Just so you know, our second option is renting a line which
>will be dedicated to ldm/adde/our webserver.  I just need some more
>information before making a decision.

The key is that Internet2 is connected to the commodity internet
through several gateways, and the great majority of Unidata
participants are already on I2.  Check
http://www.internet2.edu/html/universities.html to see the list of
universities already on I2.

>While we had the faster internet
>connection, everything was working fine.

Things still seem to be a lot better than they were before.  I just
pointed at your ADDE server and loaded a GOES-East image back to my
machine at Unidata in something like 2.5 seconds.

>Thank you,

It certainly sounds like things are changing for the better!


>From address@hidden Thu Sep 20 06:49:18 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010919: UPRM and Internet2 


I'm already missing those other 151Mbits, it was just too good to be
true.  UPR at San Juan is already connected to I2, work over here is
underway to connect the campus to I2, that's why they were testing that
line on the internet.  I don't know how much longer it'll take, or if it
will be availiable throughout the whole campus or just to special
buildings.  I have to ask around.  Until then.

Luis Munoz
System Administrator
Caribbean Climate Center @ UPRM

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