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Re: Case 43

Yuan Ho wrote:

John Scala wrote:


One more favor to ask. One of the cases that my students are
working on is the Hayman Fire, Case #43. The data set arrived
as 2 CDs containing compressed files. When the files were uncompressed
we found that a lot of what is listed on the COMET site dataset
was missing from the CDs. This included satellite and radar from
10-12 June. We wanted the entire data set.

Thanks for your help.

John R. Scala
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Ok, I will check the CD and find out what we missed, and maybe I will ftp you the missing dataset.


Sorry about the delay. I checked the CDs and found out that a lot missing of data there. I asked for another set of CDs burned, but it will take a while. In the meam time I put it in a ftp site so you can download it from there.

ftp www.joss.ucar.edu and go to

Let me know if you have any problem access this ftp site.