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Re: 20030324: CODIAC Dataset Description (fwd)

Sorry about delay. It is mailed out today. For some reason this order is mixed with other orders and being put aside.


Jeff Weber wrote:

I think their orders already mailed out to them, I can double check
tomorrow when I get in. I remember they ordered several times.

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Jeff Weber wrote:


Do you know of this...

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Subject: 20030324: CODIAC Dataset Description

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To Whom may concern,

I ordered this dataset for a couple of students of mine on March 4.
We have not received it, as yet, and they require it for a semester
project. Can you tell me the status of my request, and when I might
expect it?

Thank you.

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Subject: CODIAC Dataset Description

**** General Dataset Description ****

*** Dataset Listing ***
TITLE:                       COMET Case Study 028: Complete Dataset

SUMMARY: This dataset contains all the identified case study datasets
         that were assembled for the
         "Fort Worth Tornado" case study.

DATA CATEGORY:  Multiple Types
NETWORK/SOURCE: Multiple Platforms
BEGIN DATE:           28 March 2000       END DATE:     29 March 2000
SORT TYPE:            time series         SPATIAL Type: multiple

                      Minimum      Maximum
       Latitude:       +27.50       +39.00
       Longitude:     -105.00      -089.50

QUESTIONS about the data should be directed to:
   Unidata  Support
   User Support
   UCAR/Unidata User Support
   P.O. Box 3000
   Boulder CO 80307-3000
   Phone: (303) 497-8155
   E-mail: address@hidden

*** Related Projects ***
Project: COMET_CASE_028      COMET Case Study 028:Fort Worth Tornado

Description:  On the evening of 28 March 2000, two tornados struck Fort
             Worth, Arlington, and Grand Prairie, Texas. The Fort Worth
             Tornado touched down west of the city, and moved   through
             the downtown area. The tornado was rated an F2 on the Fujita
              scale at its strongest point. The Arlington tornado started
              as an F3, and varied from F2 to F0 throughout its 6.5 mile
             track. The damages from these tornados was estimated at $450
              million in the Fort Worth area. 5 F2's, and 8 F0-F1's. Whil
             e southern Louisiana's annual    average for tornados is 13
             (1950-1995), it hosted 12 tornados on 1-2 January. All of th
             e tornados were indicated by WSR-88D radars in Lake Charles
             and Fort Polk, Louisiana. The average lead time was an impre
             ssive 24 minutes. There was one fatality in Texas, but, give
             n the severity of the outbreak and the fact that it happened
              overnight, it is fortunate that there were not more people
             injured or killed

Objectives:   This case provides an example of a Texas severe weather
             event, and allows an in-depth study of the severe weather
             mechanisms in the Southern plains and Texas.

Project Dates: Begin: 28 March 2000  End: 29 March 2000

                      Minimum      Maximum
Area:   Latitude:       +27.50       +39.00
       Longitude:     -105.00      -089.50

*** Station List ***
A station list may be available for each project,
listed as a special dataset called 'Station List'.
Visit that project's dataset page or search for the word 'station'
in the category 'Ancillary info' from the main CODIAC search page.

No detailed metadata (dataset README file) available.

**** end ****

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