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Re: An Opportunity for a Great Case Study

Hi Tom, 

I agree this would be a nice casestudy, and we are thankful for your
cooperation regarding the last LES casestudy with the contributions of
your mm5 output and other info. Liz Page (COMET) and I are hoping to
generate a casestudy from this event. We have a few others currently in
progress, but if you are seeing such a large demand for the data for this
event it may be possible to amend our release schedule, this would be
COMET's call.. I am forwarding this to Liz Page as well and she may wish
to comment further.

Thanks for your input,

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On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Tom Niziol wrote:

> Hi: As you are probably aware, we just had an epoch lake effect snow
> event up here in Buffalo, NY.  I know you already have a lake effect
> case study available, I have used the data extensively for
> presentationsI have made, but I have another request.
> I am already receiving all kinds of requests for data from this storm.  
> There is no way I could even begin to archive much information during
> the event, and after the event I have now ay oif getting most of it
> back.  I am writing to ask you if there is any chance you could
> undertake to project to develop this into a case study so we could all
> get access to several data sets.  I am particularly interest in model
> runs, radar data, satellite info, as well as surface and upper air
> data and analyses.
> I have a number of mm5 gempak files that I might be able to supply to
> you.  I also have bufr soundings for Buffalo and Watertown from the
> eta model for the entire event, in BUFKIT format.  Any help in this
> matter would be greatly appreciated.
> P.S. please note, I sent this email from my home account (haven't had
> the time to read email at work :) , so please return your reply to the
> email address listed below.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Niziol
> Science and Operations Officer
> National Weather Service
> Buffalo, NY
> address@hidden
> 716 565-0016

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