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Re: 20010602: Case 22 "Northeast US Severe Weather 02 June 1998"

Hi Tom,

I have informed Liz Page regarding the new link, and she is updating the
link currently..Thank you, and great work on the case, your additional
information and insight is greatly appreciated by the community!

Yes, please send any links of additional case studies we can reference.

We maintain a "Other Case Studies of Interest" page that I think will
benefit greatly from your labors.


Thank you again for your participation,

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On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >Subject: Case 22 "Northeast US Severe Weather 02 June 1998"
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> Hi:
> My name is Tom Niziol,  I am the SOO at WFO Buffalo, NY.  While I was a
> lead forecaster back in 1998, I was "lucky" enough to work the 02 June
> Severe Weather Outbreak.
> I noticed that under the "Support Documentation" section of Case Study
> 22 you listed a link to our WFO Website that had a few images and storm
> reports from the event.  In addition to that information, as a result of
> the damage that occurred in our part of the country, I actually did a
> case study of a tornado that ripped through WNY on that day.  That case
> study is on our Web Page under the following address:
> <http://www.nws.noaa.gov/er/buf/research/case_studies/warsaw_tornado/wyoming_tornado.htm>
> I was wondering if we could add this link to your support documentation
> or just put it in place of our old link on your page.  It was really a
> very interesting event.  In the presentation I had hypothesized a bit
> about the changes that occurred in helicity values due to a right moving
> storm as well as the additional backing of winds in the lake breeze
> environment. I thought you might want to check it out and see if you
> would like to add it to your links.
> P.S. I also have a couple of other interesting case studies that cover a
> great flash flood event that was almost ideally confined to one
> particular drainage basin in our forecast area, and another severe
> thunderstorm event that pointed out the wide range of conditions that
> can exist in an area as small as a county warning area and how deceiving
> limited information can be.  Both of these are Powerpoint presentations
> that I plan to port to our Web as soon as I get a chance.  These events
> were presented at the annual Great Lakes Operational Meteorology
> Workshops that are held in Canada and the US.
> Let me know if any of this is of use to you.  I love case studies and
> hope to develop several for our forecasters here in the future.  KEEP UP
> Tom Niziol
> Science and Operations Officer
> NWS - Buffalo, NY
> (716) 565-0016
> address@hidden
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