NetCDF Java

NetCDF Java

NetCDF Java The NetCDF Java library implements the Common Data Model (CDM) to interface netCDF files to a variety of data formats (e.g., netCDF, HDF, GRIB). Layered above the basic data access, the CDM uses the metadata contained in datasets to provide a higher-level interface to geoscience specific features of datasets, in particular, providing geolocation and data subsetting in coordinate space.

The TDS uses the CDM/netCDF-Java to read datasets in various formats. The CDM also provides the foundation for all the services made available through the TDS.

A pluggable framework allows other developers to add readers for their own specialized formats. The CDM also provides standard APIs for georeferencing coordinate systems, and specialized queries for scientific feature types like Grid, Point, and Radial datasets.

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The NetCDF Java is an Open Source project led by developers at the Unidata Program Center. If you're interested in contributing to the project, you might be interested in these resources: