Re: [wcsplus] Design of asynchronous request in DEWS WCS

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Resource-centric makes sense for discrete, pre-existing resources (under
the prevailing governance arrangements, whatever they are ...). Then resources can be denoted "by id".

However, interfaces to "datasets" usually involve extraction and other
modes of "creation".
Knowing the dataset ID is only the starting point.
The request also includes parameters, and these might not be ID's of

So it may simply be that extraction-from-dataset-oriented services can
never be truly RESTful?


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Hi Ethan,

I agree with all your comments, thanks.  Regarding REST, I think the
main problem is with the XML POST method of reading data.  In REST, a
POST means a "create", not a "read".  A RESTful service would only use
GET for reading data, but OWS requests can sometimes be long and complex
and hard to fit into a URL using KVP.  REST takes a resource-centric
approach, but to my mind OGC services are query-centric.  I think it's
going to be hard to make a truly RESTful OGC service but I haven't done
much thinking about it.

My main worry is that I've met a lot of people who seem to think that
"REST" simply means "not SOAP" and so they think that OGC services are
already RESTful, or that it would be easy to change to a RESTful design.
Therefore I was keen to ensure we were all on the same page on this
list! ;-)


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