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Hi Ben,

I fully share this approach.



Below is my revised attempt to describe the wcsplus initiative. I'd like to send it out to the galeon list in a day or two. Let me know what you think.

-- Ben


A group of GALEON Phase 1 participants who attended the OGC Interoperability Day in Boulder came up with a few observations regarding attempts to use the WCS specifications serve Earth science datasets traditionally made available via in CF-netCDF/OPeNDAP/THREDDS.

-- The WCS 1.1 protocol specification is much more complex and difficult to implement than WCS 1.0.

-- It appears that the WCS.RWG is now developing a new specification (WCS 1.2?) that will be much different from WCS 1.1. In particular it will have a base specification that is relatively simple and a set of extensions.

-- The CF-netCDF community would benefit from a more general (and perhaps more complex) abstract coverage data model and a simpler protocol specification than is available in WCS 1.1

-- One of the lessons learned from GALEON Phase 1 is that there are distinct advantages to having communities of practice develop practical reference implementations in parallel with RWG efforts to define specifications in committee.

Based on these observations and follow up discussion, an initiative is underway to start with current implementations of the WCS 1.0 protocol and add functionality to the specification (and to the implementations) as needed in order to serve a more diverse set of CF-netCDF/THREDDS/OPeNDAP datasets via standard protocols. In effect this is an effort to develop "reference implementations" of the protocol and extensions that will hopefully inform the committee work of the RWG.

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