Re: [wcsplus] Unidata WCS error

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Hi Dominic,

Yes, there are a number of limitations in our 1.0.0 server. (Some known, some not. Thanks for pointing this one out.) I will be making improvements to our 1.0.0 server in preparation (and throughout) our 1.0+ work. So, I'll add this item to the list.



Dominic Lowe wrote:
Hello Unidata folks,

I'm using your implementation of WCS 1.0.0 as a useful reference point as I change our 1.1.0 server to accept 1.0.0 (+) requests.

Anyway I noticed a minor error with the DescribeCoverage operation. The spec says you should be able to request multiple coverages in a comma-separated list.


However this raises a service exception, and furthermore the exception comes back as a file with the name '' - which confused me a bit :)

Reqeusting a single coverage works fine.



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