[visad] build problem

I'm trying to build VisAD from source on OSX using Java 15.0.1. I'm getting
stuck on the following

   [javac] Compiling 1638 source files

    [javac] VisAD/build.xml.java:3: error: class, interface, or enum

    [javac] <project name="VisAD Source" default="help">

    [javac] ^

    [javac] 1 error

Can anyone advise on how to fix this... thanks. I know a jar of class file
is available , however i'm hoping to make some extensions so want to be
able to build...

I did previously ru into a large number of errors due to the name  "Ronald

error: unmappable character (0xE4) for encoding UTF-8

    [javac]  * @author Ronald Tschalr

. Easily fixed but annoying - something to watch for in future releases

David Duke
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