Re: [visad] VisAD library updated

Dear Tom and others from visAD community,
Thank you very much for fixing also issues which I needed regarding GMS-5 data. 
But I have one question regarding source code in the GitHyb repository.
I had a look at the master branch:
and there were for example commits: removing of PI, and add real getSubpoint() 
in GOESnav, but there is missing GMS-5 fix in GOESnav (removing of part of the 
if (iarr[n] <= 0)
               throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid orbital parameters");
lines 168-173 in
So my question is, am I looking at good GitHub repository? 
Because I have made fork of this repository, and now I don't know if it is 
right master branche.
And one more question, can you help me, if I need to merge commits from master 
branch to my fork? It is

And one more, third question. I am performing tests with old GOES navigation. 
It works well but is somehow not so stable, sometimes images bumps even 20-30 
pixesl in line/ but mostly in element direction. I am using just the functions 
toLineEle(). But in parent class AREAnav there are also functions 
ImageToAreaCoordinates translations. And when I have tested these, some of 
bumps might correspond to differences in image coordinates. Can not you explain 
me what means Image and AreaFile coordinates in case of satellite data in 
McIDAS AREA format? And LineElement from the functions toLineEle needs some 
additional correction to read navigated data dirrectly from the image matrix?
Thank you very much.
Kind regards
Jan Kianicka

 From: Tom Whittaker <whittaker@xxxxxxxx>
To: visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:54 PM
Subject: [visad] VisAD library updated

The VisAD library has been updated to r6023.  You may pick up the
current visad.jar and other jar files from the links off the VisAD
homepage.  Here is a summary of the changes since the last update on
11 March 2013:

Jonathan Beavers, 2013-05-07 : Fix for non-unique ADDE
descriptor comment strings.


Tom Whittaker, 2013-05-07 : Replaced plotting symbols for
turbulence to conform to AWC/ADDS instead of GEMPAK [1456]


Tom Rink, 2013-05-03 : Label frequency logic: don't create
a tiny segment at the end.


Tommy Jasmin, 2013-04-09 : Add MSG-3 support to HRIT
adapter [0]


Tom Rink, 2013-04-02 : Let the application set this
renderer to be not greedy.


Tom Whittaker, 2013-04-01 : allow getDomainSizes(Data) to
return lengths of more than just GriddedSets


Tommy Jasmin, 2013-03-28 : lose redundant PI declarations
in nav code


Tom Whittaker, 2013-03-28 : Add warning in Javadoc of
AreaAdapter regarding AreaFile.  Add real getSubpoint()
method to GMSX nav.


Tom Whittaker, 2013-03-25 : AREAnav->better error msg.
GOESnav->allow some negative orbital params for old GMS


Tom Whittaker, 2013-03-25 : Update to testing script info


Julien Chastang, 2013-03-21 : change label size correctly



Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science & Engineering Center (SSEC)
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI  53706  USA
ph: +1 608 262 2759

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