Re: [visad] Bug in ScalarMap range setting.

Hi Tom,
Hi Stefan,

Stefan Below wrote:

i think i discovered another bug.
I have a ScalarMap mapped to Display.RGB:

If i changed the range of this map to e.g. colorMap.setRange(10,50) everthing works fine as expected. But when i changed it back to auto scaling with colorMap.resetAutoScale() nothing happens. (The display/ColorControl still gets the values that are
resetAutoScale does not initiate a transform, it allows an auto scale on this ScalarMap for the next data changed event, eg. DataReference.setData, or FlatField.setSamples().
ok... can i manually send a data change event to initiate a transform?.
Re-setting the data to the DataReference or FlatField.setSamples() does not help.

(Btw, i think its a bit inconsistent if ScalarMap.setRange() works immediately and ScalarMap.resetAutoScale() does not. And ScalarMap.resetAutoScale() does work if it is mapped to Display.XAxis/YAxis).

normalized with the manual range values. Even a display.reDisplayAll() does not help. Only display.reAutoScale() switched it back to autoScaling. But I cannot use that, because it will affect also other range settings...

Maybe someone can give me hint to fix that issue.

Stefan Below

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