Re: [visad] Issue of overlay in visad

Hello Ankita...

1.  VisAD does not have a file adapter for XML.  There is one for text
files that are in tabular format (comma- or space-separated values).
There is a provision there for 2D "grids" of values.

2. VisAD does not have a "shape file adapter" for reading shapefiles.

3. The HDF5 capability of the build-in library is very old and has not
been maintained by the original authors (from the NSCA/HDF group).

I would suggest you look at either Unidata's "Integrated Data View
(IDV)" or the McIDAS-V applications.  Both are built on VisAD
(McIDAS-V is actually built on the IDV), but contain many more
capabilities for reading data files (such as shapefiles and HDF5
data), since they use the current NetCDF/Java library which has been
extended to include many different types of file types for reading.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 5:06 AM, Ankita Zalavadiya
<ankitazalavadia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Problem :
> 1.I dont have any idea about which type of data contains in XML file and
> how to use XML file in overlapping of layers in visad.
>    Would you Please give me example of XML file in visad?
> 2. We have h5(HDF5) file and retrive lat-lon from this h5 file. Now,WE have
> to overlap Image(Created from this h5 file) on World map(shape file).we dont
> have any idea about the projection-mapping.
>    we can't read h5 files using H5Form() in-built class of visad.
>    How can we map these lat-lon- image on world-map?
> -  Regards
>       Ankita
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