Re: [visad] Migrating to Git? [was: VisAD library updated]

> I wonder if we could mirror a release of VisAD, and experiment with a 
> mavenized
> version in the Git/GitHub realm?   I'm sorry that it would have to be you, 
> Julien
> and Jon that would set this up, and being willing to help the community learn
> to use it.

I think this is already happening (heck, I've even got a private mcidasv repo 
on GitHub that has some cursory maven integration). 

[ I like to think of GitHub as a nearly perfect example of "Metcalfe's Law" at 
work ]

> What about commit rights?  I would be concerned if anyone could commit at
> anytime.  

You pretty much say that "canonical visad is from <location here>" and 
everything kinda works out to be a non-issue. Developers would have their own, 
100% complete visad repository. Someone could make any changes they want 
*within* their copy of the repository, but that's (essentially) the end of it, 
until they decide to share their changes. Git/GitHub have some really nice 
features for sharing changes between users individual repos.


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