Re: [visad] Migrating to Git? [was: VisAD library updated]

On 2012-03-28, at 12:32 PM, Tom Rink wrote:

> So would Maven replace Eclipse and NetBeans?  Does git/github require
> Maven, is Maven free?

IDE/editor replacement: nope. Git/GitHub: not required, but it's becoming 
increasingly rare to find non-maven projects on GitHub (likely due to the 
automatic dependency resolution). Free: yep!

> Of course, as an API most people will simply need to put visad.jar in their 
> classpath.
> Am I right?

AFAIK maven will take care of that for you. Along with fetching the right 
versions of such-and-such dependencies. 

> I'm sorry, but this statement really concerns me personally.

The standard directory layout *is* annoying at first, but you eventually become 
ONE-OF-US and learn to appreciate splitting things into separate modules and 
whatnot. It's also REALLY when you can use maven-aware tools like Sonar without 
doing much extract.

> I'll just mention again, that McIDAS-V is still using CVS.

For now. ;)


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