Re: [visad] Linear*DSet progression arguments... bug or feature?

what i wanna do is plotting time series.

When i set the Linear*set or griddedset to fake dates (eg. from 0 to numbers of steps)
time_set = new Linear1DSet(time, 0,5, 5);

the plot is ok. (

But when i change the Linearset to real time values like

double currentTime = new DateTime().getValue();
time_set = new Linear1DSet(time, currentTime,currentTime+5, 5);

i get this plot:
(Axis labels are correct, but plot shows only one singe vertical line)

xAxis is mapped to RealType.Time

Thanks for your help,

Am 13.03.2012 14:49, schrieb Don Murray:
Hi Stefan-

I'm not sure what you mean by "the plot looks very strange". Linear*DSets are backed by float values, so when you use very large numbers, you will run into precision problems. If you need that type of precision, then you could use the Gridded*DDoubleSet. Unfortunately, there are no Linear*DDoubleSet classes.


On 3/12/12 9:26 AM, Stefan Below wrote:

i am just start learning this powerful visualisation library and now
some questions come up.

When i use Linear*DSet with arithmetic progression, i get different
visualisation results when first/last arguments are quite high.

For example, if i use this
domain_set = new Linear2DSet(domain_tuple, 0.0, NROWS, NROWS,

the plot looks fine.

But when i use
long xEnd=System.currentTimeMillis();
long xStart = xEnd-NCOLS;
domain_set = new Linear2DSet(domain_tuple, 0.0, NROWS, NROWS,

(Look at the attachment for a full working example , line 112ff)

The plot looks very strange.
I expect that the plot is the same except the labels of the xAxis.

Maybe someone can give me a hint?

Or do i have to set the Axis values in an other way?

Stefan Below

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