[visad] copyright for visad-2.0/dods/dap/DataDDS.java

Dear all,

  I have just discovered visad. And I am trying to package it for
debian (Linux system). However looking at each file, there seems to be
a lot of different copyright and license. Did anyone has a summary of
all copyrights and licenses used in VISAD ?

  In particular I am looking at:

$ head ./visad-2.0/dods/dap/DataDDS.java
// Copyright (c) 1998, California Institute of Technology.
// ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.   U.S. Government Sponsorship acknowledged.
// Please read the full copyright notice in the file COPYRIGHT
// in this directory.
// Author: Jake Hamby, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
//         Jake.Hamby@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I could not find any COPYRIGHT file in the source jarball. Does anyone
know what this file contained ?


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