Re: [visad] Thread interrupt to prevent OutOfMemoryError

Hi Marius,

DisplayImpl is an ActionImpl so I believe if you'd like to stop the display 
transformation you can make use of it's `stop` method.  But I suspect that 
you're running into issues reading the data in which case you'll have to stop 
whatever thread you're reading the netcdf file from.


On Aug 8, 2010, at 12:41 PM, Marius Schmidt wrote:

> Hello again,
> depending on the User interaction and current option settings, some longer 
> running method calls to the visad library (e.g. setReference for a 80MB 
> Netcdf Dataset that shall be mapped to RGBA and has be opened by Plain) 
> result in a Java OutOfMemoryError. I have a low memory notifier, that tells 
> me, if memory usage crosses a certain threshold, allowing me to react before 
> the error occurs. The opening and processing of the dataset happens in is own 
> thread. Unfortunately that thread does not react to interrupt request as soon 
> as processing has been started, so I have to kill it with the deprecated 
> Thread.stop method, if the OutOfMemoryError is near. Is there any possibility 
> to interrupt long running VisAD processing?
> kind regards,
> Bergtroll
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