Re: [visad] Visad Tutorials and Documentation

Hi Marius,

A few suggestions on the tutorials:

1. The Installation Instructions were out of date and
recently updated, thanks to Bruce Flynn. He split them
into basic INSTALL and native code INSTALL. Your
merged tutorial should use the updated instructions.

2. In section 10.1.7 of your merged tutorial "There
is a diagram of a MathType tree structure at the start
of Section 1.4." But that section is now numbered
10.1.4. I suggest keeping original section numbering in
each tutorial to avoid needing to hunt down all of these
section references.

3. There are other tutorials:
Python Tutorial
Collaboration Tutorial
Event Tutorial
You may want to add these to your merged tutorial.

4. The best way to add value to the existing VisAD
documentation is to add new examples. I always
learned new, complex APIs (e.g., X Windows a
thousand years ago) via examples. There are more
examples in:
Some of these are described in the Developer's

I think serving the VisAD source code a on different
server (e.g., poses the risk of creating
multiple, inconsistent versions of VisAD. In VisAD
we tried hard to create an object oriented design so
that developers could address their special needs
by extending classes rather than forking off
inconsistent versions.

I suggest that your site should serve
ancillary code to be used with VisAD, but for all
classes that are part of the existing VisAD the site should simply point to the existing
VisAD server.

Best wishes,
Bill Hibbard

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Hello again, VisAD community,

I am trying to convert the available tutorials to a comprehensive
tutorial guide as well. You will find an attached pre-version of it in
this message.

Beside this I just started an VisAD Fork project on, to
provide the VisAD library in form of Eclipse Bundles. Kenai is a free
open-source project hosting site started by SUN and is now driven by
Oracle. Kenai infrastructure is getting ported over to the
domain at the moment and every project hosted on will be
available on if the port is finished. Despite being useful for
collaborative work, hosting on kenai may also help increase the
awareness level of VisAD.

If you'd like to take a look and hopefully want to join, you can find
the project here: There is an
integrated wiki, subversion repository and a forum, making it easier to
contribute user written content like the UML diagrams I also would like
to use in my still-in-development documenation conversion. Perhaps I'll
soon be able to port some of the examples to run in an OSGi environment
as well.

best regards and looking forward to members :-),

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