Re: [visad] Using VisAD for Fire Behavior

Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for clarifying the MathTypes. You were correct about what I was after. I hope to be able display the file based data this next week and then move on to building and displaying the derived (synthesized?) sets (that's were the fun is!)

I'm still trying to "get my head around' the VisAD library and I just found the examples jar (don't know how I missed it before). I'm finding the tutorial and developers guide to be helpful. I really look forward to using the library in my problem domain - but guess I gotta learn to walk before I can run.

Thanks again,
-- Bruce

PS: The problem domain, if you're interested:

Bill Hibbard wrote:
... you simply want one value each of wind_spd, wind_dir,
slope, aspect, fuel_preheat and fire_behavior at each combination
of time and (latitude, longitude) location. This would produce the

( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> (wind_spd, wind_dir, slope, aspect, fuel_preheat, fire_behavior ) ) )

A similar change to your first MathType would produce:

( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( slope, aspect, fuel_type, fuel_preheat ) ) )

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