Re: [visad] Using VisAD for Fire Behavior

 Hi Bruce,

In both of your MathTypes you've got a multi-dimensional
Field at each combination of time and (latitude, longitude)
location. In the second MathType, I suspect that rather than
having fire_behavior as a function of wind_spd, wind_dir, slope,
aspect and fuel_preheat, which would make a very large data
set, you simply want one value each of wind_spd, wind_dir,
slope, aspect, fuel_preheat and fire_behavior at each combination
of time and (latitude, longitude) location. This would produce the

  ( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> (wind_spd, wind_dir, slope,
aspect, fuel_preheat, fire_behavior ) ) )

A similar change to your first MathType would produce:

  ( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( slope, aspect, fuel_type,
fuel_preheat ) ) )

I'm just guessing about your intent and may have it wrong.

Please let the list know if you have further questions.

Good luck,

  Solar pre-heating of the fuel driven by time of day and location:
  ( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( ( slope, aspect, fuel_type )
  -> fuel_preheat ) ) )

  Fire behavior output from wind, slope and preheat by time of day and
  ( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( (wind_spd, wind_dir, slope,
  aspect, fuel_preheat) -> fire_behavior ) ) )

  First, are my MathTypes adequate? The wind_spd, wind_dir, slope
  and aspect values are all read from data files. The fuel_preheat
  values will be computed.

  Thus far, I've adapted Don Murray's ArcAsciiGridAdapter into a
  GridFloatAdapter in order to read the georeferenced GridFloat
  (*.flt) files. And, I've coupled this with the
  visad.jmet.AlbersCoordinateSystem to handle the georeferencing.
  Now I'd like to compute derived preheat values from the data and
  rendering some of the data.

  Any tips or comments?

  -- Bruce
  Bruce Schubert

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