Re: ogc features over orthophoto over dem

Alright but there could be a workaround, I guess. An idea could be to create a
method that divides (virtually) the visible part into smaller pieces, zooms into
them and creates tiles of what is visible. At the end everything is
merged to a bigger image. Probably that should be possible to do
offscreen with a display that is not visible.


* [A.D. 14/11/06 12:55], Bill Hibbard <billh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> probably wrote:
> > I see in the mailinglist archives that it is only possible to create a
> > buffered image of the size of the screen throught the getImage method.
> > Is that true? No way to create custom ones that take into consideration
> > the current resolution of the visualized data?
> That's right.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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