Re: ogc features over orthophoto over dem

> > And last but not least (even if really not so important :)):
> > - has anyone an idea about how to put a filled polygon over the dem? I
> > tried as a joke to do it with Delauny, but it doesn't permit 3D.
> > Perhaps the best would be to create an image and use it as a texture
> > over the dem and photo (does this last sentence make a sense?).
> Yes, construct a FlatField with MathType ((x, y) -> z)
> and define your IrregularSet (i.e., Delaunay) as its
> domain Set. Define the "z" range values of your FlatField
> as the topo level (plus your fudge to keep them above
> the image) at the corresponding (x, y) locations.

Hei, I did that and the result is nice!! I have a problem with the left
polygon on the image at
but I believe it is a winding rule problem somewhere. It draws the
polygon outside the shape instead of inside.

I see in the mailinglist archives that it is only possible to create a
buffered image of the size of the screen throught the getImage method.
Is that true? No way to create custom ones that take into consideration
the current resolution of the visualized data? 


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