Re: FW: Problem with DumpType


Thanks for fixing this.

Ken --  I have a Windows machine and use 'nmake' all the time to rebuilt VisAD:
from the c:\src\visad directory:  "nmake -f makefile.winnt compile"

Some time ago, there was a volunteer to create an 'ant' build file for
visad, but I've not heard back from them.

I'll be doing a VisAD release either late this week or early next --
I'm just back from a 3 week holiday on the other side of the planet
and not fully recovered ;-)


On 6/13/06, Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Ken,

>     I did, however, find what appears to be a bug in, line
> 325.  This routine does not write to an output stream as advertised.  It
> writes to System.out whether you specify an OutputStream or not.  The
> problem seems to be in dumpMT, which doesn't use os.

Indeed. I have committed a fix to in CVS. There will be a new
release of VisAD at some point, but probably easiest until then is to
prepend a folder for modifications to your CLASSPATH. For example, you could
set the CLASSPATH to "C:\java;C:\java\visad.jar;." which would look for
class files beneath the C:\java directory structure before resorting to
pulling stuff from visad.jar. This way, you can make a C:\java\visad\jmet
folder and have in there, with the fix, and continue
developing your application.

I have made the fixed temporarily available from:

Please let me know if it does not solve your problem (I did only minimal

>     I am using the visad.jar I recently downloaded and working on Windows.
> I still have not got it to build.  Gnumake (from Cygwin) fails and so does
> Nmake.  I have not had time to work it out.  I would like to build it in
> Eclipse, anyway.  The JAR is sufficient to use it, though.  (I do have an
> Eclipse RCP application working with it, combining Swing and SWT.)

I do not know Eclipse, but am familiar with building VisAD from the command
line on Windows and Linux. If you continue to have problems or questions,
ask away.


Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI  53706  USA
ph: 608-262-2759

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