FW: Problem with DumpType


    I am with the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne.  I am new to VisAD and
am working my way up the learning curve.  My intended use is for X-ray data
analysis.  So far, I have been able to find the answers to most of my
problems on my own (or am still working on them ;-).  It is an impressive

    I did, however, find what appears to be a bug in DumpType.java, line
325.  This routine does not write to an output stream as advertised.  It
writes to System.out whether you specify an OutputStream or not.  The
problem seems to be in dumpMT, which doesn't use os.  

    I am using the visad.jar I recently downloaded and working on Windows.
I still have not got it to build.  Gnumake (from Cygwin) fails and so does
Nmake.  I have not had time to work it out.  I would like to build it in
Eclipse, anyway.  The JAR is sufficient to use it, though.  (I do have an
Eclipse RCP application working with it, combining Swing and SWT.)



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