Re: collaborative GUI

Hi Mike,

> I'm developing a 3D visualization system based on VisAD.
> I now encountered a problem, hope somebody on the list can give me help.
> In server side, I developed a set of Swing and AWT GUI components to
> manage visad display properties. They are working well on both
> standalone and server mode.  All GUI componemt registered with
> RendererControl can be manipulated in either server or client side.

I don't understand what 'registered with RendererControl'
means? What method are you invoking to register?

> The problems are:
> 1. How can I make GUI components which not registered with Display's
> RendererControl or ScalarMaps collaborative?
> 2. How to broadcast a message between collaborators (e.g. send a String
> from Server to Client and vice versa)?

VisAD has built-in support collaboration between remote
Displays, as described at:

The IDV supports remote collaboration using VisAD but
without VisAD's built-in support. Perhaps someone from
Unidata can describe how that works.

Note there are complex synchronization problems with
remote collaboration, so if you can use the built-in
support or copy the IDV approach, it will make life

Good luck,
p.s., happy new year everyone

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