Re: Visad and hdf5 example

Hi Felix,

The code for importing from HDF5 to VisAD was written by the
HDF team at NCSA. It does note support all HDF5 files, only
a (small) subset, and it require the HDF5 native libraries
(written in C++). The installation for these libraries changed
since they first wrote their HDF5 importer - I wouldn't know
how to install them any more.

We recommend using netCDF instead of HDF, if at all possible.
The netCDF importer was written by the netCDF team at Unidata,
who have been partners in the VisAD development. It is pure
Java, supports all netCDF files, and works very well.

Good luck,

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Felix Schüller wrote:

> Hi there,
> does anyone have a code-example howto import a existing hdf5 file into visad?
> I'm a total newbi to java, so please make it simple ;-) . I'm
> currently trying to get a grip on java, but need some results fast....
> Thanks in advance.
> Felix

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