CellImpl "doAction on Mouse Release"


I have a situation where I want to do some processing related to a DataReferenceImpl. Currently I am doing this in the doAction() method of a CellImpl to which the DataReferenceImpl is related to. The processing takes quite a while to do and bogs down the display and the behavior of the CellImpl. Therefore, I would like to do the processing when the CellImpl stops (i.e., when the mouse click is released or stopped dragging from the CellImpl/DataReferenceImpl.)


    pt_ref = new DataReferenceImpl("pt_ref");

    CellImpl cell = new CellImpl()
      public void doAction()

but "processB" takes a while to run, so I want to run "processB" once the mouse has stopped dragging, or the click is released.

I was trying to use the ThingChangedListener and ThingChangedEvent, but could not figure a way to do so.

I'd appreciate anyone's input on this.



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