RE: RangeSlider code

Yes, you nailed it.  That's just what I needed to get going in the right
direction.  Thanks!

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Hi Greg,

You might be able to do this as follows. Construct a FlatField with

  (whatever -> (x, y, s))

and display with ScalarMaps x -> XAxis, y -> YAxis, s -> SelectRange,
etc. Then the x and y values will be plotted, but the selection will be
based on the s values, which are not plotted. Or have I misunderstood
your question?

Good luck,

On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, Hanowski, Gregory J wrote:

> I have a need for a widget similar to a SelectRangeWidget.  A 
> SelectRangeWidget will quickly redraw data points that fall within the

> min and max range as you drag the slider bar.  I need to do something 
> similar.  I need the data points to be plotted according to their 
> values but as I drag the slider bar, to be hid or re-drawn based on 
> data other than the values being plotted.  Has anybody done something 
> like that and have an example to share?  I would be very grateful!

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