VisAD library update

I have updated the VisAD library (visad.jar) on the ftp server at:

The class files were compiled using Java 1.4.1 and I ran the tests using Java 1.3.1 and Java3D 1.3 to insure backward compatability. (BTW, we are still testing Java3D 1.3.2...)

Here is a summary of the changes since May 2nd:

In .visad:

2005-06-13 10:53  donm

        * data/mcidas/ roll in some of the
          memory/performance enhancements for creating tuples, etc.

2005-06-13 10:20  donm

        * data/gis/ upcase values in case it is
          1.0e10 instead of 1.0E10 which it should be.

2005-06-10 10:29  rink

        * find a typo-bug Don found in getNeighbors

2005-06-03 14:39  donm

        * a little better handling of multiple scales on a

2005-06-01 09:56  rink

        * bom/ remove a minor typo

2005-05-24 15:51  tomw

        * jmet/ Added grid #213 to list of
          well-known ones...

2005-05-19 14:12  donm

        * use trusted ctor to create new real since all the unit
          checks have already been done

2005-05-11 14:58  donm

        * data/units/:,,
, use JavaCC
          3.2 to generate the files so the build won't break

2005-05-11 14:25  steve

        * data/units/UnitParser.jj: Replaced use of Integer.parseInt() with
          Float.parseFloat() in decoding of integral timezone specification
          because the former doesn't correctly handle, for example "+0"
          (even though it does handle "-0").

2005-05-11 14:23  steve

        * data/units/:,,,
 [no log message]

2005-05-11 14:23  steve

        * data/units/ Changed the meaning of "b" from
          "bit" to "barn" to conform to international standards.

2005-05-09 09:47  rink

        * java3d/ catch sec. exception around
          System.getProperties; untrusted code can't get all properties
          including ones that might have been user defined

In .edu:

2005-06-13 14:59  donm

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/ back out of fancy
          change that was incompatible with Java versions < 1.4.

In ucar:


Tom Whittaker (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Phone/VoiceMail: 608.262.2759

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