Re: Longitude, latitude maps

Hello Bill,

Bill Hibbard wrote:

On Wed, 18 May 2005, S Santos wrote:

I'm working on geographical graphs and I would like to create graphs
where a variable is shown as RGB for a rectangle defined by logitude
and latitude. Over that graph I would like to show the world map for
the region. I have seen some examples at Visad source using
visad.jmet.GRIBCoordinateSystem. The question is if is there any
file with all the world map so I can select a region and put it over
my graph using this class?

is a low-detail world map in a file format that VisAD
can read. I'm sure there are better world maps in
Shape files.
Yes, there are! I picked this up from another mailng list:

In special:


I think they're all shapefiles.

Good luck,



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