Re: Transparenct surface doesn't work right

Hi Santi,

There is no good way to solve your problem via Java3D
rendering. With normal transparency, its a question of
the order in which objects are rendered. If you switch
the order to addReference() calls for your two surfaces,
then you will get a rendering error in the other

One potential way to fix this is using "screen door"
transparency mode. But the last time I tried using that
in Java3D, it didn't work. If it did work, we'd support
it from VisAD.

The basic problem is that transparency is very difficult
to do completely correctly, and graphics APIs like
Java3D have to cut some corners (to avoid rendering
everything 100 times slower).


On Fri, 13 May 2005, S Santos wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have create some graphs with transparent surfaces and some of the surfaces 
> don't seem transparents,
>    you only can see the box of the representation across them but no the 
> other surfaces.
> I send a example image of what is happening.In it you can see the green 
> surface only allow to see the
> box, but you can't see the red surface across it.
> Is this a bug of VISAD, or could it be that I'm doing something wrong?
> Many thanks,
> Santi.

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