Re: `VisADLineArray

Hi Stuart,

One appraoch is to use DelaunayCustom.fill() and related methods,
which take 2-D polygons described by Gridded2DSets and return
fills as sets of triangles described by Irregular2DSets. These
VisAD data objects can then be linked to Displays for filled
display. There are examples in some visad/bom main() methods.

Good luck,
p.s., on the road and pressed for time

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Stuart Wier wrote:

> For a java package to extend the IDV I wish to make a subclass of the IDV's 
> MetSymbol
> that draws a symbol in the z=0 plane that is filled and has more than 4 
> vertices. The
> existing IDV code makes symbols of (unfilled) lines using VisADLineArray, and 
> filled
> symbols of of 3 and 4 vertices that using VisADTriangleArray and 
> VisADQuadArray, and
> specifing the normals to each edge. See for example 
>  How
> are filled symbols of more than 4 vertices coded?  I need circles and ovals 
> made from
> trig functions of angles.
> Stuart Wuer

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