Re: VisAD Component "weight"

Yes, VisADCanvasJ3D is a "heavyweight" component since it ultimately
extends awt.Canvas through Canvas3D.  Some swing components can
use their heavyweight peers like JPopupMenu, but I'm not sure about
others.  I lightweight version of Canvas3D has been mentioned as a
possibility for future versions of  Java3D.


Bruce Flynn wrote:

Hello all,

I have a Java application that displays several VisAD graphs that is currently a Multiple Document Interface application that uses all JFrames. I'm attempting to convert it to a Single Document Interface application using JDesktopPanes and JInternalFrames. The problem is that the VisAD graph components seem trounce on all the other Swing components. Are VisAD graph components heavyweight components? Is there a way to make the VisAD components play happily with the Swing components?


P.S. Sorry about the large picture file but it probably does a better job of explaining my problem than I do!

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