3D Trajectories (beginner)

Good day all!

Just started trying VisAD out a few days ago, and I'm a little stuck..

I can't figure out (from the tutorial, mailing list archives or other doc) how to plot a 3D-trajectory (using the VisAD-Java-libraries)

time -> (x, y, z)

Ideally I would want to animate the trajectory, or show the time by means of colors. (Also, I want to add a widget, to let the user control the time variable.) I have tried something like the code below, but that gives me the trajectory as (nicely colored) *points*, but I would want a *continuous* function.. I realize that there is something fundamental I've been missing here.. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I found an intresting mailing list post on http://my.unidata.ucar.edu/content/staff/russ/visad/msg01230.html , but I couldn't figure out how to implement that..

Best regards
Hugo Heden

   // ....
   RealTupleType rangeTupleType = new RealTupleType( xType, yType, zType );
   RealType timeType = RealType.getRealType( timeString );
   ScalarMap timeMap = new ScalarMap( timeType, Display.RGB );
   display.addMap( timeMap );
FunctionType t_to_xyz_funcType = new FunctionType( timeType, rangeTupleType ); float[][] timeVals = new float[1][ timeValues.length ];
   timeVals[0] = timeValues;
   Set timeSet = new Gridded1DSet( timeType, timeVals, timeValues.length );
   FlatField vals_ff_1 = new FlatField( t_to_xyz_funcType, timeSet );
   // ....

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