Re: p.s., Re: Help with ProjectionControl


> Thanks for your reply, Bill.  I was hoping that I was barking up the
> wrong tree and there might be a way to "disable" the image border. I'm
> inferring from your response however, that using the ProjectionControl
> to "zoomin" is really the only approach, and it's a matter of
> calculating the correct scale value for the matrix.  Is this correct?

I'm not sure what you mean by "image border". If its the
single line width white box, you can turn it off by calling
the setBoxOn(false) method of your DisplayRenderer.

There is also an AWT or Swing border around the window or panel.

If you mean the black background, then setMatrix() and
setAspectCartesian() are the way to go - you just have  to
get the numerical arguments right ;)

> Can you provide me any other detail on how the border size is calculated?

If you mean the black background, your best bet is to experiment.

> Is there a way in VisAD to set the background to transparent?

You can set the background color using the setBackgroundColor()
method of DisplayRenderer. Since there is nothing behind the
background, transparent doesn't mean anything for background.

Good luck,

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