Re: Question about JamaMatrix in Visad

Hi Charlie,

I do not know JBuilder, but this is definitely a CLASSPATH issue.

I just tested visad.matrix from the command line, and was able to
make it work as follows:

First, I saved the JAR file to C:\java\Jama-1.0.1.jar.

Then I did:
C:\java> set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;C:\java\Jama-1.0.1.jar
C:\java> java visad.matrix.JamaMatrix

And the program outputs some results.

Basically, you need to make sure Jama-1.0.1.jar is in your
CLASSPATH somehow (there is probably a way to configure the
CLASSPATH from within JBuilder), and it should "just work."

Good luck,

At 03:37 PM 7/14/2004, Charlie wrote:
>Thanks, Curtis.
>Even after the installation of Jama package, the test code still
>failed.  Can you
>help check whether my procedure(in window NT 2000) to set up Jama
>package is correct?
>1. Put Jama-1.0.1.jar  file in one directory
>2. Go to (JBuilder) tools-configure libraries... to configure Jama library
>3. import Jama.*  in test code which only constructs a matrix
>This way works for other package like VisAD, but fails for Jama. If my
>procedure is wrong, can you explain how to correct configure Jama
>package in Window NT 2000?
>Really appreciate your help.

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