Re: Question about JamaMatrix in Visad

Hi Qiaolin,

Yes, you need to install the Jama package as well.

The visad.matrix package uses reflection to access Jama, and handles
wrapping the results into VisAD datatypes and such. It does not
replicate the functionality of Jama directly.

Let us know if you run into any trouble.


At 01:42 PM 7/14/2004, Charlie wrote:
>Hi, Bill and all,
>Do we need to install the Jama package from NIST before using
>JamaMatrix in Visad? When I tried to use JamaMatrix, the error message
>said that Jama package needs to be installed. I reviewed the matrix
>subpackage in Visad and it alreay includes all classes in Jama package
>from NIST, and the only difference is that class name Matrix is
>changed to JamaMatrix.
>Can somebody help me out on this?
>Thanks a lot
>Qiaolin Zhang

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