RE: Irregular3DSet Appearance , dedicated contour widget

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the two emails, and I will try to follow your suggestions, as
soon as I will have some time, I will do the tests.

A general suggestion could be to have a set of classes for dedicated
treatment of (Finite Elements, Fluid Flow) numerical model atomic
discretized objects, which could be treated with the same representations,
which you have done for the domain Set of a Field classes.

As you know the treatment of this elements/cells is based on the data which
can be defined on the mesh/grid but also in-between the geometrical nodes.
I understand that this cannot be done immediately but it could be
interesting for people who need to debug/process their numerical models in
Structured Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and similar application domains.

I will keep you inform about my further investigations.

With best regards, Dean.

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Hi Dean,

> > I would also like to show Edge topology displayed on the Irregular
> > quadrilateral grid but the 1D manifold is not implemented on
> > and making it with the Gridded3DSet is not straight forward as I just
have a
> > chain of edges (snake like).
> . . .

I see my answer was a bit unresponsive. You can create your chain
of edges as a UnionSet of Gridded3DSets of manifold dimension = 1.
There is an example of this in visad/examples/
(ssearch for UnionSet).

Good luck,

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