Re: Short program to demo straight contour lines

Hi Bill,

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 05:57:11AM -0500, Bill Hibbard wrote:
> Hi Russell,
> Thanks for the test program - they always help a lot.
> I can see two problems:
> 1. I called visad.jmet.DumpType.dumpDataType() on the
> Field you are displaying and it has 1927 missing values
> among its 4402 samples. All these missing points will
> cause trouble with contouring.

The data was displayed as contours in the source application, so that
appears not to be a problem.

> 2. More relevant, the Gridded2DSet constructor call:
>         Gridded2DSet newFieldDomainSet
>           new Gridded2DSet(RealTupleType.LatitudeLongitudeTuple,
>                 index2LatLonField.getFloats(false),
>                 index2LatLonField.getFloats(false)[0].length);
> constructs a Gridded2DSet with manifold dimension = 1.
> That is, its not really a 2-D domain, but a 1-D domain
> that zig-zags through 2-D.

That was it.  Changing to a 2-D domain with manifold dimension = 2 (as
you described in a separate message, quoted below) fixed it, and I may
even understand why.  :)

  To get a true 2-D domain, call the Gridded2DSet constructor
  signature with 4 arguments, the last two being X and Y lengths
  (their product should be the single length you are passing now).

Thank you,

Russell Steicke

-- Fortune says:
Yow!  Is my fallout shelter termite proof?

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