Re: Short program to demo straight contour lines

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the test program - they always help a lot.

I can see two problems:

1. I called visad.jmet.DumpType.dumpDataType() on the
Field you are displaying and it has 1927 missing values
among its 4402 samples. All these missing points will
cause trouble with contouring.

2. More relevant, the Gridded2DSet constructor call:

        Gridded2DSet newFieldDomainSet
          new Gridded2DSet(RealTupleType.LatitudeLongitudeTuple,

constructs a Gridded2DSet with manifold dimension = 1.
That is, its not really a 2-D domain, but a 1-D domain
that zig-zags through 2-D.

Please let me know if these observations help solve your


On Fri, 14 May 2004, Russell Steicke wrote:

> Bill and Tom,
> Here's an example program to demonstrate the "straight contour lines" I
> mentioned earlier.  The jar file contains:
>            The program
>    Netcdf file with the data
> The .jar is not runnable, you'll have to extract the files.
> Thanks
> Russell

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