Straight contour lines


I have a problem with contour lines appearing completely straight.  The
data has been exported as a netcdf file from another app, and imported
using  I have to muck around with the
data somewhat as the data out of the netcdf file is a bit different to
what I want; it's

  ((Latitude_Longitude_ndx -> (Latitude, Longitude)),
   (Time -> (Latitude_Longitude_ndx -> anal0)))

where I want

  (Time -> ((Latitude, Longitude) -> anal0))

but I'm fairly sure that this part is correct.

When the data is added to the display with a ScalarMap to IsoContour, I
see straight lines that zigzag their way through the data points.  If I
also add a map to RGB, the lines become horizontal only (ie the "zags"
disappear) and are now coloured.

I expect to see curved contour lines, but don't.

Is this familiar to anyone, and is there something obvious that's wrong?
I can supply the shortest program and netcdf file to reproduce the
symptoms if required.


Russell Steicke

-- Fortune says:
Beware the new TTY code!

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