Re: Alpha and Java

Hi Kevin,

Since versions of both VisAD and Java3D change between your
two images, it would be useful to know what happens if you
combine the VisAD from the first (good) image with the Java
and Java3D from the second (bad) image. Is that bad (indicating
a Java3D problem) or good (indicating a VisAD problem). If
its a VisAD problem, then I'll probably need to run your
application myself. Hopefully you can send it to me.

It is worth saying that this is clearly an interference
pattern between two non-aligned grids. Two (not the only)
possible sources are:

1. Remap from one grid to another.
2. Two surfaces, one slightly behind the other, with Z-buffer
errors making this pattern.


On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Kevin Manross wrote:

> Yeah, at first, I also thought that it was an interference pattern, but
> zooming in (up to the point they disappear from being zoomed too far), I
> get this:
> For reference, this is roughly above the highest "peak" in the jagged
> white line at the bottom of:
> It is where the first (bottom) purple wedge overlays the 2nd (from
> bottom) yellow wedge.
> Yes, the section of code that produces this plot are identical between
> the two examples.  The only difference is the java APIs.
> Also, when testing this on different machines - notably with the newer
> java(2/3) APIs - I get the same pattern.

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